Our Services

Government Representation

Decisions made in Tallahassee often have significant effects on our daily lives and companies’ bottom lines.  Enwright Rimes Consulting has decades of experience representing the interests of its clients in front of the legislative and executive branches of government. We help legislators and policymakers understand the effects their decisions have on our clients and advocate for the best outcome for our clients.

Grassroots Advocacy

It’s often difficult to get your issue heard by the decision makers. That’s where Enwright Rimes Consulting can help. We have experience running advocacy campaigns designed to get your issue to the top of the pile. We offer a full suite of advocacy services such as email and telephone campaigns targeted at specific legislator offices, Facebook and other digital tools designed to influence decisions makers and traditional op-ed and letters to the editor.

Digital Communications

Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Instagram, Email: We have the team to manage it all. Any modern campaign or policy issue must have an online presence. In the right hands, it’s a powerful tool to help you accomplish your goal or win your campaign. That’s why Enwright Rimes Consulting has started Supernova Digital Communications in order to provide our clients with all the tools they need. To learn more please visit our site at Supernovadigital.com


With over three decades of combined experience in designing and implementing phone programs for political campaigns, target state victory programs, independent expenditure programs, absentee ballot programs, persuasion programs, Teleforum, IVR Polls and GOTV programs, Enwright Rimes Consulting knows phones. If you are interested in our telemarketing services please click here get in touch with us.

Political Campaigns

The team at Enwright Rimes Consulting is full of experienced political operatives with well over 50 years of combined experience in Republican politics. Through our sister company, Election Management Solutions, we have served as general consultants for presidential, gubernatorial, US Senate and House, as well as legislative races.

Project Management

Have a big policy issue or initiative that needs a global plan and large team to accomplish? Enwright Rimes Consulting has experience leading these types of large projects. We will work with you design a comprehensive strategy, build a team with the right assets to win and then help you manage them.